How the Technology Revolution is Changing Firefighting

Training and safety tactics have been the staple of preparing for the uncertain— a mayday. The traditional approach to mayday is rooted in the assumption that Incident Command is set up and able to dictate direction in the critical time, voice communications are clear, and the dedicated RIT team will take action.

The technology revolution has opened the door for new life-protection opportunities that are far beyond traditional practices and add peace of mind no matter what uncertainty you are faced with. To be prepared for your worst day, you need more than accounting for some of your team, incomplete information on your crew, and tools for a subset of your team to respond in a critical time

You need to be confident your entire crew is accounted for and you are being supplied with real-time information for confident decision making. You need to close the vulnerability gap with technology that goes beyond just having an idea of where your crew is or how much air they have, but knowing if a mayday is issued, everyone on the scene is instantly notified and can respond. Because safety is not just about the pieces—it’s about the entire system being confident and prepared.

To learn more, download the infographic, “A Changing World: How We Prepare and Respond is Changing”, below.


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