Frequently Asked Questions: FireGrid™ Map View

Do you have questions about the Map View feature of FireGrid™? For example, what devices are supported and can be seen on Map View, or what is the marker accuracy? Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

What is Map View?

Map View is a feature on MSA’s FireGrid Monitor for local incident monitoring. It has three selectable map views – offering estimated location, personalization, alarm status, and G1 SCBA air pressure information of GPS-enabled LUNAR® Connected Devices.

How can Map View enhance Fire Service?

Map View enhances situational awareness for incident commanders and departmental leadership by providing estimated location information of firefighters on-scene.

What devices are supported and can be seen on Map View?

  • LUNAR Connected Devices registered to your FireGrid account with firmware version 3.3, w/LTE or a last known location
  • LUNAR devices paired with the MSA G1 SCBA

What tablets support FireGrid Monitor to run Map View?

What is the marker accuracy?

Map View will offer an indicator of location accuracy with a ring surrounding the pin. The ring will increase in size as the GPS coordinates become more uncertain.

What information and visual indicators are used in Map View?

Tapping on the marker will bring up a bubble with the device’s personalization. When the Team overlay is open, team name, number of firefighters, active alarms/warnings/notification, G1 SCBA air pressure status, and devices specific to the firefighter are visible.

What views are available?

  • Satellite
  • Default
  • Terrain

Does Map View show on remote monitoring?

Currently Map View is solely available on FireGrid Monitor, the tablet-based local monitoring application.

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