Incident Commanders Can Now Visualize Significant Location and Status Information from Connected Firefighters

New FireGrid™ Map View feature offers three selectable map views for live incident monitoring.

As technology progresses, all aspects of the fireground are becoming connected. Firefighters, via MSA’s Connected Firefighter Platform, are connected to the incident commander as well as to each other. The Connected Firefighter Platform ecosystem of products includes the G1 SCBA at its center, the handheld LUNAR® Connected Device, FireGrid software, HUB, and ALTAIR® portable gas detectors. Together they help to keep firefighters safe, connected, and accounted for – even in dangerous situations.

New FireGrid Feature Enhances IC Situational Awareness

The new FireGrid Map View feature enhances incident commander and departmental leadership situational awareness through live incident monitoring of location and status information from GPS-enabled LUNAR Connected Devices.

FireGrid Map View communicates firefighter location and status information via a map that offers three selectable views:

  • Satellite
  • Grid (Default)
  • Terrain

The application provides the estimated location of firefighters outside a structure. When the location marker is touched or selected, it provides personalization, alarm status (green when not in alarm, red when in alarm), team information, air pressure information, and last known location if the firefighter loses GPS connection.

The FireGrid suite of applications is an easily accessible, cloud-based platform that supports incident management, inventory management compliance, and reports and analytics specific to a department’s products, people, and processes. It includes a cloud-based web platform, FireGrid Monitor tablet application, and FireGrid Configure mobile application.

Additional IC Situational Awareness Enhances Firefighter Safety

Situational awareness on the fireground is one key to firefighter survival. Firefighters train to know where they are no matter what task they are completing on scene. Situational awareness also includes a firefighter’s physical condition, air pressure and alarm status, and being aware of the conditions in which they find themselves.

The FireGrid Monitor application seamlessly provides situational awareness data for all individuals utilizing MSA Connected Firefighter Platform tools in real time.

Situational awareness, however, is not limited to the firefighter on the fireground; it extends to the incident commander. FireGrid Monitor helps facilitate situational awareness for an incident commander in real time, providing additional information for data-driven decision making.

Using FireGrid Map View, fire departments expand existing FireGrid monitoring capabilities by allowing incident commanders to visualize location and status information of LUNAR devices on a map. Allowing the incident commander to view information of connected firefighters in this way can support the rapid decision-making that occurs on a constantly evolving fireground – both during the incident and after.

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