What is the MSA Connected Firefighter Platform?

Firefighting is more uncertain today than ever before.

In fact, more than 90% of calls are for emergencies other than structural fires – such as medical aid, mutual aid, hazardous materials.[1]

To be prepared for a day that is more unpredictable than ever, firefighters need advanced tools that can help connect those who are on- and off-scene – to support the safety of the entire team with accountability, technology, and data-driven insights.

The MSA Connected Firefighter (CFF) Platform, driven by LUNAR, provides that solution.

The Connected Firefighter Platform

Connected Firefighter is a platform of products that keeps the team connected on- and off-scene as well as on and off air. Together, the products create visibility, increase efficiency, promote situational awareness, and enable accountability, all while creating a network of safety.

What Products Make Up the CFF Platform?

The key components are:

LUNAR – At the heart of the CFF Platform is LUNAR, a wireless, handheld search and rescue device that includes firefighter-to-firefighter ranging, edge detection enhanced thermal imaging, and cloud connectivity. Designed for every firefighter on-scene, LUNAR connects individuals regardless of whether they are wearing an SCBA.

FireGrid – FireGrid is comprised of a web-based cloud platform, FireGrid Monitor tablet application and FireGrid Configure mobile application:

  • The cloud-based platform is accessible from anywhere and supports remote monitoring, maintenance, and inventory management. It provides an additional layer of firefighter safety by increasing a department’s capability for managing products, people and processes. On-scene information is aggregated from products and is stored for data reporting on devices and incidents.
  • FireGrid Monitor is the on-scene monitoring application which provides Local Incident Command with real-time information on firefighter status for confident decision making.
  • FireGrid Configure is the mobile application supporting configuration, firmware updates, personalization and the transmission of data logs.

HUB – The MSA HUB is the wireless gateway to the cloud for telemetry-enabled MSA SCBA. It enables active monitoring of air management information both on-scene for local monitoring and remotely from anywhere in the world. MSA HUB can be used as a local system by using its own hotspot for connectivity or by connecting to an existing internet connection. The wireless capability enhances mobility and introduces the use of FireGrid Monitor to allow Local Incident Command the option to not be tethered to their command vehicle and to be closer to the action.

Additional products that are also considered part of CFF are:

G1 SCBA – For those wearing MSA G1 SCBA, embedded Bluetooth technology connects to LUNAR, showing data such as estimated air pressure, time remaining, and battery life all on-screen for a complete safety point-of-view.

ALTAIR® 4XR/5X – Both the ALTAIR 4XR and ALTAir 5X portable multigas detectors from MSA have embedded Bluetooth technology to connect to LUNAR and the MSA G1.

Learn more about the Connected Firefighter Platform, driven by LUNAR here.

[1] National Fire Protection Association. “Fire department calls.” https://www.nfpa.org/News-and-Research/Data-research-and-tools/Emergency-Responders/Fire-department-calls


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