New Bundled Connected Firefighter Package + LUNAR® Device Protection Option

Are upfront costs a barrier to deploying your department’s Connected Firefighter solution?

While departments have embraced the benefits of connectivity for their on- and off-scene personnel to enhance safety, upfront costs can present a barrier to implementation of a Connected Firefighter solution. Based on this feedback, MSA offers MSA+, a comprehensive subscription program including hardware and software. This bundled subscription approach enables faster implementation, offers increased warranty coverage, and provides automatic software and firmware upgrades so your safety program gets better over time.

MSA+ for LUNAR Connected Device

MSA+ for LUNAR Connected Device is a complete subscription bundle that provides all accessories needed to deploy Connected Firefighter capabilities across a department:

Since the subscription is paid over the product lifetime, the upfront implementation cost is significantly reduced when compared to an outright purchase. Subscription contracts are available with a choice of FireGrid™ software: Basic for local monitoring, reporting, and inventory management; or Premium, additionally inclusive of remote monitoring.

MSA+ Device Protection for LUNAR Connected Device

MSA+ Device Protection provides a safeguard against unexpected events on your LUNAR devices and helps to improve uptime and efficiency of your fleet.

While LUNAR devices deliver the rugged durability you expect from MSA, the workday can present risks and exposures beyond the standard warranty. With MSA+ Device Protection, your fleet is protected from even the most unexpected events.

Tracking down lost devices, verifying claims of theft, and submitting loss reports can contribute to hours of lost productivity. MSA+ Device Protection covers both loss and/or theft up to two occurrences per device in addition to damage and traditional warranty coverage.

Device protection may be added to any MSA+ for LUNAR Connected Device with FireGrid subscription within 30 days of signing up.

Ready for a Connected Firefighter program?

The MSA Connected Firefighter Platform is a suite of advanced safety technologies that work

together to significantly improve firefighter monitoring, accountability, and communication.

Now you can build your Connected Firefighter solution with the simplicity of an MSA+ subscription.

Learn more about MSA Connected Firefighter Platform and MSA+ for LUNAR Connected Device here.


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