Simplified Updates for LUNAR™ Connected Devices

MSA is dedicated to increasing safety in the fire service. The MSA Connected Firefighter Platform simplifies safety through technology.

We are constantly improving products to make firefighters’ jobs safer and easier.

With any technology-based product, firmware updates are important in order to ensure and improve device performance. When a LUNAR Connected Device needs to be updated, a warning icon displays in the mobile application, FireGrid Configure, to indicate there is a pending update.

There are now two ways to update LUNAR devices, part of the MSA Connected Firefighter Platform.

Two Ways to Update

  • Over the Air: LUNAR devices can now be updated via LTE-M cellular connection. The wireless delivery of new software, firmware, or other data to connected devices is performed remotely and seamlessly.
  • FireGrid Configure: From this application, firmware updates may be performed for one device or multiple devices. The firmware is downloaded and automatically sent to the LUNAR devices to update.

Over-the-air technology offers an easier, more efficient, and less costly way to manage device updates without a physical process performed by a technician.

Learn more about the MSA Connected Firefighter Platform, including LUNAR Connected Device, here.


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