Now Eligible for AFG Funding: MSA LUNAR™ Connected Device

LUNAR Connected Device is part of the MSA Connected Firefighter Platform, which enables enhanced vision, unmatched situational awareness, and accountability for everyone on scene.

LUNAR is a personal accountability device and a simplified safety solution that’s intuitive and easy to use. It’s wireless, cloud ready, equipped with thermal imaging, and supports collaborative search. LUNAR can be used as part of an SCBA application, SCBA + Accountability, or as a stand-alone Accountability system.

Why is LUNAR an Accountability System?

Accountability means different things in fire service – understanding air management to properly deploy and evacuate firefighters at the right time, knowing who is on scene, who is in alarm, and how long an incident has occurred. But the common thread at the center of all of this, is that accountability means visibility of every person on the fireground.

Oftentimes the tools it takes to deploy an accountability system can be cumbersome, requiring significant time and infrastructure to enable. That’s why technology – specifically LUNAR and FireGrid, MSA’s suite of software applications – is so important for accountability. For an accountability system to be approachable, it should provide accessible and actionable data through a user-friendly interface. The solution should be easy to configure and provide value after the scene has ended.

With advancements in technology, accountability in fire service can go beyond how we think of it today, extending to:

Visibility of All Users

  • With technology in the palm of every firefighter’s hand, those wearing and not wearing SCBA can be alerted if a firefighter’s motion is not detected and allow those on the fireground to find separated teammates faster.
  • LUNAR transmits device personalization, team assignment, cylinder pressure including time remaining, alarms and warnings to FireGrid Monitor, MSA’s local monitoring software.

Equipment Maintenance

  • Inventory and tech management is another level of accountability. With FireGrid Web, the application platform that provides data about each piece of equipment, inventory managers can determine whether the equipment given to each firefighter passes inspection and meets the requirements to keep that firefighter safe.

Incident Reporting

  • Using FireGrid Web, post-scene, accountability can translate to the data collected from each incident and relying on that data to help inform common or consistent issues across fire events themselves or performance of individuals on-scene, all to better inform the process for future incidents.

With LUNAR from MSA, these tech elements are all wrapped into one LTE-enabled device that each firefighter can have at all times. As part of the MSA Connected Firefighter Platform, LUNAR provides the tools to promote accountability in the traditional sense, while expanding to other areas on- and off-scene as well, to ultimately support firefighter safety.

What AFG Category to Apply For

LUNAR falls under the Personal Accountability System category as High Priority. The Application is Operations and Safety; and the Project area is Equipment.

Learn more about the MSA Connected Firefighter Platform and LUNAR Connected Device here.


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