How to Conduct and Quantify a Turnout Gear Field Test

If your department is in the market for new turnout gear, field testing offers one of the best ways for your department to assess the different brands available and to determine how well that gear will live up to the intended and expected performance.

A properly designed field test that is quantitative, balanced, and transparent allows your department to provide documentation for obtaining the gear that best meets the department’s needs.

We’ve put together a guide based on guidelines in NFPA 1851, Standard on Selection, Care and Maintenance of Structural and Proximity Fire Fighting Protective Ensembles, that includes:

  • How to Set Up a Turnout Gear Field Test
  • Field Test Design and Parameters
  • Factors for Rating Turnout Gear during Field Testing
  • How to Conduct a Turnout Gear Field Test
  • Evaluation Forms
  • Making the Recommendation

Download the guide below to get started on your field test today!


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