Free Resources for Grants: Turnout Gear & SCBA

Each year, more than 8 billion dollars is available to firefighters through grant programs nationwide, yet many departments are either unaware or ill-equipped to navigate the process.

Recognizing this need, MSA partners with FireGrantsHelp to assist departments like yours in finding the right grants that can be used to purchase turnout gear and SCBA. The team of grant experts there uses a wide range of resources, coupled with industry expertise and deep knowledge of the complexities of the grant process, to provide exclusive resources and consulting services.

Free Online Resources

It’s easy to get started with free online resources by simply registering. You’ll get access to resources such as:

  • Fire Grant Research: Access to Fire GrantFinder to search database focused on grants for fire and rescue
  • Fire Grant Alert Notices: Weekly alerts about funding opportunities
  • Fire Grant Newsletter: Monthly opt-in subscription
  • Fire Grant Application Reviews
  • Grants 101: A Beginner’s Guide to Helping Your Department Get Grants
    • Step 1: Define
    • Step 2: Research
    • Step 3: Prepare
    • Step 4: Apply
    • Step 5: Award
    • Step 6: Manage
    • Step 7: Closeout

Customized Grant Help

The FireGrantsHelp staff of grant consultants offers invaluable assistance, whether you’re just starting your project and aren’t sure where to begin or you need to add the final touches to an application.

If your department needs to hire a grant writer, FireGrantsHelp offers that as an additional paid service. You’ll get hands-on assistance writing and preparing your grant application.

The FireGrantsHelp team, in partnership with MSA, stands ready to do everything we can to assist you in submitting a successful grant application.

Register here today!

Turnout Gear:



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