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Video – City of Easton Chooses LUNAR™ Connected Device

In July of 2022, MSA deployed LUNAR™ Connected Devices to the City of Easton Fire Department in Pennsylvania – one for each firefighter. Watch the video to hear more about why the department chose LUNAR.

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Grant Tips: Free Online Fire GrantFinder

Want full grant listings, details, and search tools for your department? The most extensive grant listings database available, Fire GrantFinder from FireGrantsHelp, is a subscription research database focused on grants...

Turnout Gear Fact: Thermal Protection is Not Enough

Technically-advanced turnout gear helps to combat heat and other hazards on the fireground, while also helping to protect firefighters’ long-term health. MSA can help to keep your team safe in today’s dynamic fire environment.

Quiz – Which Style of Structural Fire Helmet Best Suits You?

Take our fun quiz to see which style of structural fire helmet best suits you based on your favorite firefighting movie, TV show, personal hobby, and more!

August 4th Virtual Roundtable: Managing Heat Stress with PPE

In this virtual roundtable, learn about PPE choices that enhance firefighter health and safety with heat management and heat dissipation while still protecting them from the external heat threat.

MSA+: A Bundled Connected Firefighter Solution with Lower Upfront Costs and Always Under Warranty

MSA+ bundles hardware and software needs, enables faster implementation, offers increased warranty coverage, and provides automatic software and firmware upgrades. Read the full article to learn more.