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Quiz – Should your fire boots be replaced?

Damaged and soiled fire boots can be a hazard to firefighters. Take our six-question quiz to gauge whether your boots need replacement.

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Winners Announced in MSA’s 2021 Globe Gear Giveaway

Again in 2021, MSA, DuPont, and the National Volunteer Fire Council (NVFC) have teamed up to help volunteer fire departments obtain much-needed gear through MSA’s and DuPont’s Globe Gear Giveaway.

How to Help Meet Health & Safety Recommendations with PPE Solutions

In recent years, the fire service has become aware of long-term health and safety risks inherent to the profession. MSA PPE solutions offer several features that can help fire departments and firefighters enact the FCSN cancer prevention recommendations.

How Software Can Provide Incident and Firefighter Data to Help Improve Safety: FireGrid Cloud-Based Platform

Getting the right information – and accessing that information from anywhere – can help to improve firefighter safety not only in the moment, but also into the future. As part of the MSA Connected Firefighter Platform, FireGrid helps to provide that solution.

How the Technology Revolution is Changing Firefighting

The technology revolution has opened the door for new life-protection opportunities that are far beyond traditional practices and add peace of mind no matter what uncertainty you are faced with. Read the full blog article to learn how the MSA LUNAR Connected Device can help you and your team.

Grant Tips: How to Strengthen Your AFG Application

Want to strengthen your AFG application? Here are some tips to help you understand why you may have been turned down in the past, and how to submit a successful AFG application.