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3 Tips for Federal Grants

Applying for federal grants requires your department to complete some basic registrations. The FireGrantsHelp team at Lexipol recommends a few steps, like obtaining your employer identification number, registering on, and registering on

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Webinar – How Changes in the New NFPA Standards for Turnout Gear and SCBA Will Affect the Fire Service

In this MSA-sponsored webinar, firefighter experts Jeff Stull and Battalion Chief Matthew Cox will discuss the upcoming standard and changes fire departments will encounter, as well as how they may affect purchase decisions. The discussion will include how the NFPA process works to address firefighter protection needs, the significant changes that will be applied in NFPA 1971 and NFPA 1981, and overall implications for the new standards for the fire service.

Connected Firefighter Platform Helps Keep Teams Safe, Accountable and Able to Make Data-Driven Decisions on the Fireground

Is there any more terrifying radio traffic on a fire scene than “Mayday, mayday, mayday!”? What comes next? The IC attempts to pinpoint the firefighter’s last known location and condition over the radio – provided the firefighter can continue to communicate verbally – activates the RIT and sends them off in search of the firefighter in distress, all while trying their best to continue with the original scene operation.

Implications of the New NFPA 1970 Standard Addressing Turnout Gear and SCBA

A preview of what is likely to come to fruition in the next editions of NFPA 1971 for turnout gear and NFPA 1981 for SCBA, among other issues The fire...

Announcing Winners in MSA’s 2023 Globe Gear Giveaway

MSA, DuPont Personal Protection, and the National Volunteer Fire Council have partnered since 2012 to donate new gear to departments in need through MSA and DuPont’s Globe Gear Giveaway. In 2023, 13 volunteer fire departments will be selected to receive four new sets of turnout gear and four new helmets each.

LUNAR® Connected Device: A Search and Rescue Tool Enhancing Mutual Aid Responses

For years, the fire service industry has faced challenges in notifying firefighters when an incident has occurred, informing them of the details they need to make confident decisions and locate a downed firefighter. Search and rescue challenges are amplified in mutual aid responses without accountability tools that work across departments. The LUNAR Connected Device can help.