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Respiratory Product Cleaning Guide: COVID-19

It’s critical to keep up with safety and equipment cleaning information for COVID-19. Read our blog post and download the guide for the cleaners that may be used for Respiratory Protection Equipment based on CDC guidance, including SCBA, APR, PAPR, and related accessories.

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How MSA’s Connected Firefighter Platform Helps Keep Firefighters Accountable and Connected

In 2014, MSA Safety launched their G1 SCBA. The G1, marketed as the platform of the future, was designed with firefighters’ comfort in mind. Now, the platform of the future has been updated and expanded to enable supreme firefighter connectivity with the MSA Connected Firefighter Platform.

Download – 10 Steps to Doffing Superheated Gear

Knowing how to doff superheated gear even when there’s no one around to help can save you both pain and trouble down the line. We’ve put together 10 steps to doffing superheated gear more safely.

Download – 7 Steps for Cleaning your Structural Fire Helmet

A clean fire helmet can help keep yourself safe by decreasing your risk of exposure. Check out our 7-step guide on how to clean your fire helmet.

Free Online Training: NFPA 1851, 2020 Edition

This online program provides free training on the care and maintenance of protective clothing and footwear in accordance with the 2020 edition of NFPA 1851.

Important Changes to the 2020 Revision of NFPA 1851

NFPA 1851 deals with fire departments’ selection and care of Personal Protective Equipment. Read the full article to learn more about the 2020 revision.