PPE Evaluation: Why Are Risk Assessments Important?

Firefighter risks are encountered nearly every day on the job. Assessing and reducing these risks is paramount to your personnel’s safety and selecting your PPE is crucial to risk mitigation....
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MSA + O2X EAT SWEAT THRIVE Workshop – 2023 Application Period Now Open!

An exciting opportunity awaits! MSA and O2X are teaming up again to offer the chance to win an EAT SWEAT THRIVE workshop for you and your department. Enter for your chance to win from June 28 until July 28, 2023.

MSA + O2X Workshop at Howard County Fire and Rescue – Watch the Video!

In December 2022, members of Howard County Fire and Rescue experienced an O2X EAT SWEAT THRIVE Workshop sponsored by MSA. Check out the video for a recap of the workshop and to hear how what they learned will benefit firefighter health and wellness!

MSA + O2X EAT SWEAT THRIVE Workshop – 2022 Application Period Now Open!

MSA and O2X are excited to announce another EAT SWEAT THRIVE workshop giveaway! Read the blog to learn more and enter for your chance to win.

MSA + O2X Workshop at Miami Dade Fire Rescue – Watch the Video!

In December 2020, Miami Dade Fire Rescue got to experience an O2X EAT SWEAT THRIVE Workshop sponsored by MSA. Check out the video for a recap of the workshop!

3 Ways Boots Made in the USA Benefit You

At MSA and Globe, we believe that “Made in the USA” means something. When you buy our athletic construction fire boots made in Maine, you’re helping to protect and preserve American jobs – not just for the workers in our boot factory, but beyond. We’ve made significant investments in new technologies, equipment, research and development, processes, and people.

How to Conduct a Firefighter PPE Risk Assessment

Risk Assessments are a valuable tool in helping fire department leaders select the gear for their personnel that is right for the job. Read this blog post to learn how to conduct a Risk Assessment.

Virtual Panel: Technology & Safety in the Fire Service – The Impact of Innovation on Modern Firefighting

View the on-demand virtual panel between firefighters and industry experts to understand what role technology currently plays in the fire service, what gaps exist, and how manufacturers can continuously improve the choices available to firefighters.

What is the National Volunteer Fire Council and How Can It Help You?

As a volunteer firefighter, you know how important it is to stay up-to-date on everything from the latest training courses to resources available to understand safety and health standards. But it can be challenging to access all of this information, especially if you are serving as a volunteer. That’s where the National Volunteer Fire Council (NVFC) comes in. Read this article to learn more about the NVFC.

Science in the Fire Service: Research Update on Contamination Control

The fire service continues to drive the movement for science-based research to better understand how the fire environment, firefighting PPE, and fire department practices can impact firefighters’ risks. During this recently held webcast, Gavin Horn, PhD, shares some of the latest firefighter research on contamination control along with lessons learned from ongoing efforts to implement some of these practices.