How to Clean the MSA G1 SCBA in an SCBA Washing Machine

Cleaning your SCBA helps reduce health and safety risks associated with contaminated equipment. Here are eight steps to assist you in cleaning the MSA G1 SCBA in a washing machine.

During cleaning, wear adequate personal protective equipment in accordance with the detergent and washing machine manufacturers’ recommendations.

Step-By-Step Instructions

Note that the cylinder may be attached to the SCBA or removed for washing.

Apply all caps and plugs.
  • Insert the battery plug in place of the actual battery in the SCBA.
  • If the cylinder is removed for washing, apply the plug to the quick-connect fitting or threaded plug. For the threaded version, unscrew the quick-connect adapter from the male CGA plug, and insert the CGA plug. If the cylinder is not removed, no plug is required. The cylinder and high-pressure line must be connected.
  • Apply the cap to the pressure relief valve.
  • Ensure the universal air connections dust cover is in place.

Place the SCBA unit inside the washing machine according to manufacturer’s instructions.
  • If washing facepieces, refer to the manufacturer’s washing machine instructions.

Position everything in a way that it will be exposed to the water.
Use the appropriate detergent called out in the table below.
  •  The washing machine must be calibrated to supply 0.6% concentration of detergent.

Wash the SCBAs and facepieces for an 8-minute cycle.
  • Water temperature must not exceed 130°F (55°C).
  • Repeat washing if additional cleaning is necessary.

Remove the SCBAs from the washer.
Remove all caps and plugs from the SCBA.
  • To remove the cap from the regulator, push the buttons on the regulator.

Keep caps and plugs off and hoses exposed for the drying process.

Washing Machines & Detergents Tested

MSA has tested the Solo Rescue SCBA DECON WASHER® and Meiko TopClean D & M DECON Washer with the corresponding detergents below, using the procedure outlined in this article. Based on the testing, MSA expects that, when washing is performed in accordance with this article and all washing machine manufacturer instructions, the G1 SCBA will continue to perform after washing.

SCBA Washing Machine Detergent
Solo Rescue SCBA Decon Washer ProBlend SCBA Detergent (P/N PB0010967AA)
Meiko TopClean D & M Decon Washer Decon MD Detergent (P/N 9209590) or ProBlend SCBA Detergent (P/N PB0010967AA)


Dry times vary depending on factors that include, but are not limited to, temperature, humidity, air circulation, and elevation above sea level.

Use either a heated cabinet or air dry SCBA units and facepieces. Suggested drying times are in the table below.

Air Drying Cabinet Gear Dryer (120°F / 48°C)
10 hours 2 hours

Not all components dry in the same amount of time. Make sure there is no water, moisture, or dampness on or in any of the components before returning the SCBA to service.

Functional tests must be completed after drying but before use.

Soft Goods

Soft goods should be cleaned to the manufacturer’s guidelines. The G1 SCBA includes easily removable soft goods, that don’t require breaking pneumatic or electronic connections, to facilitate decontamination and routine laundering. G1 Soft Goods Kits are available as a second set of soft goods to reduce out-of-service time needed for cleaning and to extend the life of the SCBA’s soft goods components.

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