How to Choose a Thermal Imaging Camera for Your Department

Investing in one or more thermal imaging cameras is one of the most important safety decisions your fire department will make. But, getting started on the journey can be difficult when considering the many options available. MSA offers three options to fit fire departments’ TIC needs: the Evolution® 6000, the G1 SCBA iTIC, and the LUNAR™ Connected Device.

Evolution 6000

When many firefighters think of a TIC, they think of a handheld unit with a retractable tether that can clip to their PPE and that features a large screen and a variety of settings. The Evolution 6000 fits the bill for this type of TIC. This tactical, standalone unit is NFPA 1801 (2021 Edition) compliant, lightweight, has a 3.2 inch diagonal screen, dual handle, integrated compass, and 320 X 240 image quality. Offered in three options – Basic, Plus, and Xtreme – each level offers more configurable features, such as laser range finder and recording, built to enhance image quality and capabilities available to the user.

Learn more about the Evolution 6000 here.

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While the Evolution 6000 allows departments to issue their engine crew or truck crew a TIC, there are also options to furnish every firefighter on a crew with TIC functionality. This is where MSA’s G1 SCBA iTIC comes into play. The iTIC is compatible with all G1 SCBA through a simple upgrade, or you can purchase your new G1 SCBA with iTIC already installed. It is powered by the G1’s single integrated power source, offers up to five user-selectable palettes, and features a 3.5-inch (diagonal) 220 x 176 display. The iTIC is integrated into the G1 SCBA Control Module, placing TIC technology in the hands of every firefighter on scene. The iTIC (as part of the G1 SCBA) is NFPA 1981 and 1982 (2018 Edition) compliant.

Learn more about the G1 iTIC here.


LUNAR Connected Device

Taking TIC technology a step further is LUNAR, which combines connectivity, personal thermal imaging, and search and rescue technology. When you think of LUNAR, think of being connected, protected, and having a tool to aid in confident decision making. LUNAR is a handheld, wireless, search and rescue device that can be used on or off air, equipping every firefighter on-scene with thermal imaging capabilities. With LUNAR, thermal imaging has the additional exclusive benefit of edge detection, which allows you to identify objects, access points, and even people more clearly with a bright green highlight. It features a 3.5 inch (diagonal) screen, 320 x 480 resolution, and 206 x 156 (32,136 pixels) thermal image resolution.


LUNAR is the central part of the MSA Connected Firefighter Platform of products, which also includes the G1 SCBA, HUB, and ALTAIR® portable gas detectors. Its ad-hoc LUNAR-to-LUNAR network enables connection between LUNAR devices, and its Bluetooth pairing with the G1 SCBA  provides air status, alarm information, and more. Using LTE, LUNAR also connects to the FireGrid suite of software applications, which allows for local and remote monitoring, post-scene reporting, and inventory management. With LUNAR, you are not only providing a TIC to every firefighter on scene, but you are also connecting your crews to each other, to Incident Command and remote personnel.

Learn more about LUNAR here.

Choosing Your TIC

Understanding all of the available options and the key features and benefits of each TIC is the first step to knowing which TIC is best for your fire department. Put each TIC to the test so your  department can determine what works best for its operations, size, budget, and other considerations.


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