MSA Cairns®: What Fire Helmet Options are Available to You?

You have options when it comes to selecting a fire helmet to fit your needs. No matter what style appeals to you, always choose a helmet manufactured with a safety-first approach and engineered to provide the highest level of protection.

When selecting a fire helmet, firefighters should ask what helmet options are available to them? From established firehouse favorites to next generation designs, MSA Cairns® offers a wide selection, all customizable to fit your style.


Firefighters choose leather helmets due to their high quality craftmanship. MSA Cairns Leather Helmets are still individually handcrafted and manufactured in the USA. The quality of MSA Cairns Leather Helmets has been trusted by firefighter since 1836. What else makes leather helmets a great choice?

  • Each leather helmet is a truly unique work of art, created by skilled craftsman
  • Leather shell uses only 100% top-grain steer hide permeated with a natural resin system
  • Impact Cap (N6A Model), provides thermal and impact protection when you need it most


For those firefighters willing to try something new, a jet-style helmet, such as the MSA Cairns XF1, provides an innovative design and all-around safety. Benefits include:

  • Brimless design that reduces snag hazards
  • Thermoplastic outer-shell for lightweight durability
  • Integrated lighting and communication options
  • Easy-to-find adjustments so fit can be personalized to the individual
  • Modular design that allows quick disassembly for thorough inspection, care, and maintenance


Traditional Helmets, such as the popular MSA Cairns 1044, still offer the helmet’s original design while providing the durability and performance trusted by more fire departments. Traditional helmets offer:

  • Comprehensive impact and thermal head protection system
  • Customized leather front options to create a unique look, or provide accountability options
  • Unique Shell Release System (SRS) designed to maintain the impact cap on a firefighters head if the shell is dislodged
  • Several eye protection options including the integrated Defender Visor, NFPA Bourkes, and Goggles


Modern Helmets are versatile and durable to withstand various applications. MSA Cairns offers modern helmet models for firefighting, rescue specific, or dual certified configurations. Benefits of modern fire helmets include:

  • Sleek, low-profile designs that suit a variety of firefighting and rescue applications
  • Models available in both Thermoplastic and Fiberglass shell material
  • Provides superior thermal and impact protection when you need it most
  • Through-color shells maintain color

Is your department in the market for new fire helmets? If so, click below to start the discussion with us about a formal department wear trial.



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