3 Factors to Consider when Purchasing Your Particulate-Protective Hood

On today’s fireground, firefighters are exposed to airborne particulates, heat, and flame. Firefighter hoods have always focused on providing thermal protection, but heat stress remains the single biggest cause of firefighter injuries. In fact, a 2019 study conducted by NIOSH showed that 74.8% of firefighters have experienced heat-related illness symptoms, and 5% of firefighters have suffered from heat-related illness symptoms 20 times or more in a year.¹

While coverage against these harmful elements is a necessity, particulate-protective hoods must not restrict a firefighter’s movement or cause heat buildup. Firefighters should consider a light weight particulate-protective hood that offers these three critical properties:


Firefighters may feel as if they are donning turnout gear due to the heaviness and stiffness of many of these hoods available today.

With its DuPont Nomex®/LENZING™ knit blend, MSA’s Globe Guard™ Hood is soft and easy to wear for long periods of time. The construction of the Globe Guard Hood also features a double-seam over the head to help ensure a comfortable fit with the helmet.

Situational Awareness

Firefighters must listen to their surroundings, and their particulate-protective hood should not restrict this ability.

The design and fabric engineering of the Globe Guard Hood provides high air permeability in addition to the filtration of particulates, which enables critical situational awareness on scene.


Firefighters may feel hot or sweaty when working in other particulate-protective hoods.

The DuPont™ Nomex® Nano Flex barrier featured in the Globe Guard Hood is 90% air and 10% fibers, which offers light weight, optimal moisture management, and breathability.

With each element of PPE, firefighters are looking to reduce weight and increase mobility. MSA’s Globe Guard Hood helps to achieve comfort, situational awareness, and breathability without compromising on thermal or particulate protection.

Learn more about the Globe Guard Hood here.


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