Now Get Free Grant Assistance for a Personnel Accountability System

For years, MSA has sponsored free grant consultation from for SCBA and for Turnout Gear. That sponsorship is expanded to now include free grant consultation for Personnel Accountability Systems. This includes grant research, grant alert notices and grant application reviews from the team of grant experts at FireGrantsHelp.

MSA’s Accountability System Solution

MSA’s LUNAR® Connected Device, part of the MSA Connected Firefighter Platform, enables enhanced vision, increased situational awareness, and accountability for everyone on scene. LUNAR Connected Device is a cloud-connected personal accountability device and a simplified safety solution that’s intuitive and easy to use.

Accountability features of the LUNAR device include:

  • Wireless accountability for multiple jobs and various calls
  • Search and rescue technology to aid in finding a downed team member
  • Enhanced thermal imaging
  • Three alarms: manual, motion, and hardware
  • Works as a standalone system or with the MSA G1 SCBA for versatile accountability
  • Available for use on FirstNet®
  • Embedded GPS to provide estimated device location external to a structure, on FireGrid™ Monitor

The LUNAR device is eligible for the Assistance to Firefighters Grants (AFG) Program, State Homeland Security Grant Programs, Emergency Management Performance Grants, and other funding.

For AFG, it falls under the Personal Accountability Systems category as a High Priority. The Application is Operations and Safety; and the Project area is Equipment. If the total project budget is under $50k, consider applying for a Micro Grant. Additionally, subscription fees are now eligible for AFG funding. Consider applying for additional funding to cover a subscription to FireGrid, for enhanced incident management.

Get started today!

The FireGrantsHelp staff of grant consultants offers invaluable assistance, whether you’re just starting your project and aren’t sure where to begin or you need to add the final touches to an application.

Please note: MSA does not participate in any part of the review, application, or award process. Once you submit your information to FireGrantsHelp, one of their grant consultants will follow up promptly on next steps.


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