Quiz – Cleaning Your Boots: Are you taking the proper steps?

Test your knowledge of proper methods for on-scene cleaning and advanced cleaning in accordance with NFPA 1851.

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3 Scientific Tests Prove Globe Boots with Arctic Grip Pro Soles Improve Your Safety

Are you prepared for cold weather calls? While no footwear can eliminate all slips and falls, Arctic Grip Pro soles on Globe’s athletic construction boots take firefighter footwear to the highest level of performance and safety available.

3 Ways Boots Made in the USA Benefit You

At Globe, we believe that “Made in the USA” means something. When you buy our athletic construction fire boots made in Maine, you’re helping to protect and preserve American jobs – not just for the workers in our boot factory, but beyond. We’ve made significant investments in new technologies, equipment, research and development, processes, and people.

3 Things that Make Globe Boots Safer and the Science that Proves Why

When we got into the leather fire boot business 10 years ago, people told me it was a mature and saturated market. Little did they know where our imagination would take us. That’s because we listen to what you, the firefighter, tell us you need to perform your duties effectively and safely. And then, as part of our product development process, we rely on science to study exactly how the human body moves.